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Sermon Schedule

Dec. 7 – Jesus: Emmanuel

God is with us. Have you ever felt alone, abandoned, isolate.  Come and hear how Jesus wants to be with you every moment of every day.

Dec. 24 – Candle Light Service

Join each other in the sanctuary for a time of singing Christmas carols and hymns honoring the birth of Jesus Christ.   There will be candle lighting, a brief exhortation from the Word of the Lord and individual communion offered by our Pastoral team.

Dec. 28 – Jesus: The “I AM!”

When Jesus declared Himself to be the “I AM,” He declared Himself to be everything we need everyday. Expect Jesus to show up to meet every need you face in the New Year because there is no deficit in Him.

Nov. 9 – Keep it Simple: Grace

How does the grace of God impact your daily life?  God’s grace is something we all require and often do not fully understand.  Grace is not just a word; it is a lifestyle!