Born and raised in Gilroy, CA. Third generation to attend the Assembly of God church in Gilroy. I came to Christ in Sunday school when I was very young. My family grew up in church. At the age of 15, I attended a youth Backpack camp where I encountered God’s power and presence. I felt His calling on my life and made a firm commitment to follow him. Throughout high school I wore a belt that said “Jesus Saves” and I led the church youth group for a time.

I married my wife Rhonda at the age of 22. We have one child, Jimmy, our wonderful son. As of this year, 2020, Rhonda and I have been married 40 years. Rhonda and Jimmy are gifts of God’s love toward me, and I have a Good, Good, God and how I am loved by Him.

In the course of 40 years, we have met with our share of challenges. God has always been with us to help get through difficult times and to guide us in our journey. He continues to build us into the Godly couple of His dreams. I could go on and on about how blessed I am by my wife and son…..

Currently I lead the Media/Sound/Video teams. God gives us our skills and abilities and enables us to serve Him in all these ministries. I always need people who want to learn and develop their skills in Sound, Video, and Media technologies, and God has given me people who jump in and help where the need is.

 God has given me a heart for men and I lead the Men’s Ministries. I love just hanging out with the men and talking about our lives and about God. God desires for men to live lives of purity and be in right standing with God.

Rhonda and I pray together every night at bedtime. One of our prayers is for God to teach us to become more like Jesus. This is a life-long journey and commitment. Jesus is our example. We are told to do the good work that God has prepared in advance for us to do. Having a “Servants Heart” is not what one is naturally born with, but a Servants Heart is what you are given when you are Born-Again. Just like exercise is good for the heart muscle in our bodies, our daily walk with Jesus teaches us how to exercise our Servant’s Heart.

Years ago, at another church, and in the process of God moving us to this church, at a point of brokenness and discouragement, I had told our then pastor, “no one ever asked me if what I was doing was something I wanted to do”. We had always helped in our church, doing what was needed. In meeting the needs of others, some seasons we get choices and some seasons there are no choices. I now realize that all the work and things we did in our past, prepared us for the work we do in the present. What we do in the present, prepares us for our future. So if you want a good future, what are you doing now?

We have been told by some that we do too much for the church and we need to learn to “say no”. But how can you say no to Jesus? In the face of the need, how do you turn your face away. Jesus said that what we do for others, we do for him. This is something we try to remind ourselves and teach others.

When you really study Psalm 16, you realize that you actually live your life hand-in-hand and face-to-face with Jesus. You look at this world through the eyes of Jesus, because of your position in Christ. I find examples like this in the Bible so interesting, when you can find Jesus in the Old Testament before he lived his natural life on earth. God has truly had our best interests at heart from the beginning of time, when he thought about each one of us individually, and with a word, spoke it all into existence and said “It is good”.

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