Moving From Spiritual Poverty to Spiritual Wealth

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God wants His children to be spiritually wealthy. All His children in every nation on this earth. When Jesus died on the Christ He purchased for His children every spiritual blessing in heavenly realms. Therefore it grieves God’s heart when His children wallow in bondage or are spiritually impoverished. The truth is those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are no longer slaves rather they are children of the Mighty God who has bestowed on them abundant blessings. The truth is that believers do struggle with spiritual poverty and they can have a slave spirit or a disobedient child spirit. What does it look like when we act like desperate slaves or disobedient children rather than as daring heirs of God? We can find the characteristics of all of these types in the story of the children of Israel in Egypt (books of Exodus and Numbers). These were God’s chosen people but they wallowed in bondage when they lived in Egypt and then acted in disobedience in the desert. However, the next generation finally understood and became the darling heirs of the promised land. For some time they experienced spiritual poverty — a spirit of lack, scarcity, and fear of not having enough — but they finally arrived in the Promised land, the land flowing with milk and honey. As Christ Followers we need to take spiritual litmus test and ask if we are living in spiritual poverty or with spiritual wealth. The darling heir received the spiritual wealth; the “more than enough” land flowing with milk and honey. Their experience was just an example, a foretaste, of what we experience through Jesus Christ! We do not have to be Desperate Slaves or Disobedient Children, rather we can be Daring Heirs living in all the spiritual blessings that Jesus purchased for us.

Symptoms of a slave spirit

  • Lives were full of fear.
  • Did not know their true identity.
  • They believed they had minimal resources.
  • They had a spirit of “not enough.”
  • They did not know God.
  • They had a “slave mentality.”
  • They wanted a “quick fix” for their problems rather than real change.
  • They were tempted to return to past once things did change.
  • They only went to God when they were desperate after exhausting their own resources.

Symptoms disobedient child spirit

  • They wandered because they were unwilling to listen and obey.
  • They struggled to embrace their new relationship with God—which came with responsibilities.
  • They feared the new things God had for them.
  • They idealized the past.
  • They wanted their journey to be easy.
  • They complained about how their needs were met.
  • They struggled when their faith was challenged to grow.
  • They could not see with eyes of faith.
  • They grew content with “just enough” when God wanted to give them “more than enough.”
  • They could not see the inheritance God had for them: a land flowing with milk and honey.
  • They did not want to face the giants to gain the inheritance.
  • They died in the desert rather than entering the land flowing with milk and honey.

Qualities of a darling heir spirit

  • They obeyed God.
  • They believed God would give them resources.
  • They believed God would give them victory.
  • They were willing to battle for the promised inheritance.
  • They were willing to receive and take responsibility for the promised inheritance.
  • They were actively involved in gaining the inheritance.
  • They were willing to change (to be uncomfortable, to learn something new).
  • They were willing to receive instruction (obey God’s strategy).
  • They were willing to receive discipline.