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Out of Chaos – by Pastor Chris

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At Crossroads here in Morgan Hill, we finished a 21-day community-wide fast today. This weekend we hosted somewhere between 125-150 people for a special conference focused on the power of the Holy Spirit. Many people had their lives shaken up and launched into a new season, some had miracles happen, and we’re sure God stirred and started some things we may not know about until some later date or until we join together at the throne of our Father. It was an exciting time with a lot of moving parts.

I spent the majority of the conference running around behind the scenes. For me, a lot of it looked chaotic, but after listening to others, they said it ran very smoothly. I was blessed by that. While I was seeing all the movement, all the little issues that needed to be dealt with, God worked those out to where our guests and the majority of our volunteers were able to experience His presence and blessing without the hindrance and chaos to distract them.

It reminds me how God is always at work in the background of our daily lives. No matter what’s going on and how chaotic our lives seem to us at times, we need to take a breath and remember that God is working to make our chaos into something beautiful. Out of chaos, or what seems like it, God creates incredible things, both for us and through us!

Chaotic Beauty

This is much like the Gungor song “Beautiful Things” which says “You make beautiful things, out of dust. You make beautiful things, out of us.” Life is messy sometimes! Sometimes it’s a lot messier than we want it to be and don’t worry, we can’t control it! None of us can. We all try. It’s only natural. But, we need to learn trust in God to work it out for us. He has created us as beautiful things and is creating beautiful things out of our messy lives. Our mess and His transformation of it is meant to be used to speak to those who don’t know Him. Don’t fight it!

This weekend, and I’m sure that it’s true for many of our community who participated in the fasting, many people were launched into a new season of their lives. It’s a season of power, of authority, of boldness to proclaim Christ to those around us.

I prayed with several during the last session where we were sharing what God was speaking to us. One of the things I believe God wanted and still may want to share to those of you reading this, is that God created the universe with a breath. He spoke, and it was. That power, the Holy Spirit’s power (which is frequently referred to as breath and wind in both New and Old Testaments) is the same breath Joel prophesied about. It’s the same breath the disciples and early Church were filled with in Acts. It’s the same breath that is promised to believers today. When we’re filled with the Spirit, that breath is in us, in YOU. God’s power, in just a breath, is able to transform nothing into incredible things.

Go into your new season, as January comes to a close and we’re firmly launched into a new year, knowing that you have power to speak life, healing, transformation into your own life, your family’s life, your neighbor’s life, and stranger’s lives! Let the Spirit fill you with boldness going into this new season, this new year, to be Christ’s witnesses! We’ve been learning in children’s church that being a witness for Christ is telling others of the things we’ve seen Christ do for ourselves and others, and what we’ve heard about Him either through the Bible, history, or other believers. Stand on the fact you have power in you. Ancient power that created, and still creates!

Finally, if you want a song to celebrate the new season God’s placed you in, check out the oldie but goodie on Youtube by Israel and New Breed called New Season. But, when you listen to the lyrics, claim them not as something that’s coming, but live in them as they have already begun happening. Live in the fresh anointing that has come and thrive for Christ in your new season! If you have testimonies to share about your new season and how God is speaking to you, especially if they’re from the Thirst Conference or your Daniel fast experiences, please share them on our Facebook page so we can all celebrate and praise God with you for giving you breakthrough!