Celebration Service

  • 10:00 AM
  • 145 Wright Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037

Our Celebration Service is the weekly time we come together as a community to worship and celebrate the hope and life we have in Jesus Christ. We sing, hear teaching from the Word, and are encouraged and challenged together. No matter what walk of life, or struggle you face through the week, we come together during the Celebration Service to worship the One who frees us, heals us, gives us purpose, and brings us hope!

Our music is lead by Pastor John and our worship teams. John draws from His personal belief that worship is an overflow of lives lived in relationship with Jesus every day of the week. Pastor John leads the our worship with the hope that everyone will be able to encounter God through music and the creative arts. His desire is to see all able to celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will do for each of us.

Either Pastor David or Pastor Lynn will take on the teaching each week. They give us a powerful and challenging word which speaks to each of us in incredible ways. They encourage, but they also challenge us towards more and better faith in Christ. Each week this dynamic team delivers a unique message which fits our community and each individual perfectly.

Pastor Chris and the Kids Ministry Team will take the kids after the music part of the Celebration Service. They will divide off into 3 different age groups and have a unique lesson crafted to give the kids age appropriate times for learning about Jesus. Each group also gives opportunity for kids to respond through crafts, games, and a number of fun activities.

Join us this Sunday and every Sunday for our Celebration Service! Bring along your family, friends, and neighbors!