Our Worship Ministries provide an atmosphere of worship and awareness of the move of the Lord in the lives of individuals and the church. Our worship team and media team serve on a rotation for our Sunday worship services, as well as for other ministry events such as the Thirst Conference and the Tongues of Fire Services.

We also have a youth worship team that is a home-grown team of youth worship leaders for their Wednesday night services and quarterly Youth Sunday services for the main services. If you are interested in serving in our worship team or media team, we invite you to join our weekly Thursday evening practices in the sanctuary from 6-8pm. We are always looking to expand and strengthen our team, so we train and equip volunteers for the purpose of serving one Sunday a month, including the Thursday practice before hand.


Our Media Team serves to provide technical tools that are necessary for the congregation in person and online, especially our global partners, to follow along with the service and worship during services. Our team is trained and equipped in using our sound board and sound system, our video streaming system, and our lyric and presentation¬†program. These team members are highly valued though they often serve “behind the scenes” during a service. These sound, video, and lyric techs are a vital part of the worship team, as they lead the congregation into less distraction and greater awareness of the move of the Holy Spirit through our audio and visual senses during a service! We provide “Basic Fundamentals of Sound” workshops from time to time for anyone interested in knowing more of what a sound tech does! We are always looking for more lyric and sound/video techs to train and bring into our rotation to serve.


Our Worship Ministries organize free “Art of Worship” Workshops on a quarterly basis, for anyone wanting to know more about worship in the Kingdom as well as worshipping with our specific team, including the media team (sound and video tech, and lyric tech). These are usually held on a Saturday morning for 2 hours. Anyone who is interested in playing their instrument (requiring basic knowledge) or singing, is welcome to attend! Our worship team members get to train and equip musicians and singers during this time, and it is a blessing for both! There is no commitment to join the worship team or media team after attending this workshop, but it is a great way to become more familiar with what we do!

Contact our Worship and Fine Arts Pastor, Rebecca Gullickson with any questions or if you’d like more information using the form below