My name is Rebecca Gullickson, and I have been going to church since the first Sunday just after I was born! I started learning piano at 5 years old, and I loved making up songs and I loved playing worship music, but I did not like practicing at all. My father became a pastor when I was in elementary school, and I started singing for my youth group’s worship team in junior high. As a young girl, I fell in love with being in the presence of the Lord through music and through the Word. One of my greatest passions is to usher and host His presence for the Church and for those seeking the Lord.

If my husband and I are not at the beach, swimming for fun, or hanging out with our large German Shepherd Mix puppy Keilani, I enjoy serving with my husband on the youth leadership team, teaching, encouraging others in their God-given gifts, spending time with my dear friends, playing some kind of sport, dabbling in arts and crafts, eating different types of foods (including sushi), enjoying time with children, traveling, and of course, making music!

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